# Privacy Policy

This privacy policy discusses the information we collect and how we process it when you use our Bell Schedule Action (the "Service") on the Google Assistant.

# Information we collect

When you use the Service, we use the prompt you give us to provide you with the bell schedule for a specified date.

In addition, we also collect basic analytics data such as when the Service is being used and how often. No personally identifiable information is collected by us in this process.

# How we use your infomation

We use the information you give us in your prompt, such as the date for which you wish to know the bell schedule, to provide you with updated information about the schedule for that date.

We may also use the prompts we are given to evaluate the accuracy and usefulness of the Service, and to make improvements as necessary.

# Information we share

We do not share your information from the Service with any third parties. Our server used for providing responses to your prompts is not hosted by a third party.

Effective 8/7/2019

Last updated: 9/14/2019, 9:21:06 PM